Net-zero energy solutions for a competitive Europe: iEPB and more

Short news | 2024.06.10

The European Sustainable Energy Week is back from June 11th to 13th, blending in-person and online experiences in Brussels and virtually, with a focus on ‘Net-zero energy solutions for a competitive Europe’.

ICONS has created a social media campaign that aims to spotlight efforts fast-tracking decarbonization using eco-friendly technologies, ensuring an equitable transition for all and fostering competitiveness among businesses. Moreover, the campaign encourages active participation, urging individuals to demonstrate their dedication to a carbon-neutral future.

For iEPB, Dirk De Wit of ISSO has joined the campaign by answering to this question: “What is iEPB working on to promote a European net-zero energy future?”

iEPB promotes the net-zero energy future by establishing a common building data model that gives a common language to register the properties and energy performance of buildings and opens the way for data sharing among stakeholders.”

Follow the hashtags #Energy4NetZero and #EUSEW2024, and learn more about the campaign here.

iEPB project releases video to show how it will revolutionise energy performance certifications

Press release | 2024.06.04

iEPB is proud to announce the launch of its innovative video, representing the leap forward in energy certifications that the project strives for. This video unveils the project’s mission to revolutionise Energy Performance Buildings (EPBs) for a sustainable tomorrow.

In a world of pressing environmental challenges, iEPB commits to enhancing energy performance and reducing carbon footprints. Through innovative research and collaborative efforts, the project aims to redefine the standards of energy certifications, paving the way for a greener future. By harnessing the power of innovation and technology, the project endeavours to empower communities and stakeholders with the tools and knowledge needed to make informed decisions about energy consumption.

Throughout iEPB’s own colour palette based on its visual identity, and a narration highlighting the potential of the project, the video marks a significant milestone in the project’s journey towards a more sustainable built environment.

Watch the video here.

iEPB partners will make the project shine at EUSEW Energy Fair

Events | 2024.06.04

iEPB will be present at EUSEW Energy Fair 2024 in Brussels (from 11th to 13th June) together with the SRI support team,  to showcase the importance of decarbonisation of buildings and to offer opportunities to forge connections.

The focus of this year is “Net-zero energy solutions for a competitive Europe”.

The SRI support team will exhibit at the Smart Buildings and Smart Readiness Indicator stand C-7, together with several research and innovation projects co-funded by Horizon Europe and LIFE: SRI2MARKETSmart SquareEasySRISRI-ENACTSMARTER EPCtunES, BuildONDemo-BLog, and Smart2B.

You can find more information here.

Programme and registration are available here.

EUSEW2024_Event Description

Advancing Horizon 2020 projects and emerging LIFE initiatives for a joint conference

Events | 2024.05.14

The Next Generation Energy Performance conference will be held on 23 May in Brussels, at Mundo Madou, and online, all day long (9-17.30 CEST)

The NextGen Cluster Horizon 2020 projects feature crossCertEPC RECASTEUB SuperHub & iBRoad2EPC, and will also see the participation of new LIFE projects started in 2023, among which iEPB.

The rich agenda include multiple insights from each project, and a deep dive into their Key Exploitable Results. There will be interventions involving members of the EC and CINEA, as well as integrations from several experts in the field of energy certifications and procedures.

The event is timed to be also conveniently combined with other relevant activities in Brussels within the same week, including the tunES “Tuning EPC and SRI” event on 22 May.

The event is free upon registration: you can register here.

Find the agenda here and the official roll-up for the event here.


EU urges overhaul for energy-inefficient buildings

Short news | 2024.05.09

According to data from Eurostat energy balances and the EEA Greenhouse Gas Inventory, 85% of buildings in the EU were constructed before the year 2000. Among these older buildings, 75% exhibit poor energy performance. This highlights the critical importance of improving the energy efficiency of buildings as a means to conserve energy and work towards achieving a zero-emission and fully decarbonized building stock by 2050.

The EU has put in place a legislative framework to enhance the energy efficiency of buildings and achieve a highly energy-efficient and decarbonized building stock by 2050. This framework consists of two directives, namely the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EU/2024/1275) and the Energy Efficiency Directive (EU/2023/1791), both revised in 2023.

These directives aim to provide a stable environment for investment decisions in the sector and empower consumers and businesses with information to make choices that save both energy and money.

Particularly, the revised EPBD include measures about the reduction of primary energy use, the introduction of minimum energy performance standards, enhanced long-term renovation strategies, increased reliability of EPCs and a gradual modernisation of building’s energy system integration.

The Consortium meets virtually for the sixth month of iEPB’s life

Short news | 2024.04.03

iEPB has just turned the six month mark and the whole consortium has virtually met for the first General Assembly.  The consortium joined for a 2 days online meeting, the second occasion for everybody to meet since the kick-off meeting last October. This meeting was an insightful discussion about the project’s start and development, and a moment of exchange, updates, and explanations.

During the assembly partners engaged in dynamic discussions about the ongoing work of the EPBD recast, the policy recommendations, the advancements in the software implementation, and the potential for exploitation and replicability of the projects results.

iEPB is also part of two important fellowships: the Next Gen EPC Cluster and the SRI cluster.

Task leaders presented the advancements and challenges of their work and allowed for questions and clarifications. A point was made about the recent Milestones achieved and Deliverables  submitted,  and the participation level was high.

This assembly was a chance for the consortium to collaboratively explore advancements and cooperation, and to set the basis towards the next steps.

iEPB flies to Brussels for the Smart Readiness Indicator joint event

Events | 2024.03.04

This meeting represents the 4th Plenary Meeting of the SRI Platform, in the framework of SRI and EPB assessments. It will provide EU policy updates and showcase SRI support team activities through presentations, talks and discussions.

The experience will be enriched by a panel of Expert Talks and Discussion on SRI assessments, and by an exhibition of SRI projects funded by EU LIFE and Horizon programs. iEPB project will be represented by EPB Center in the roundtable discussion.

The event will take place in Comet Meetings Louise, Brussels, Belgium, and in a hybrid mode: you can register to book your seat or to watch the live-streaming of the event here.

You can find more information about the event and the Agenda here.


iEPB launches a comprehensive survey on energy certifications on buildings: understanding needs and constraints

Short news | 2024.02.01

iEPB is an EU LIFE project that seeks to increase the synchronization of multiple EPB assessments, thereby contributing to the ambitious goal of upgrading the energy performance of the EU’s building stock. The mission is to elevate energy efficiency standards across the EU, through the optimised practices, environmental awareness and performance assessments. By increasing assessment synchrony, the project aims to facilitate informed decision-making processes and foster sustainable building practices. 

The survey is designed for multiple groups of stakeholders, and for accommodating a broad spectrum of participants, including authorities, professionals, homeowners, and property owners. This inclusive approach reflects the project’s commitment to garner insights from diverse perspectives associated with energy certification.  

By doing so, iEPB aims to foster a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the EPB domain. The insights gathered from this survey will play an important role in shaping the strategies to enhance the energy performance of buildings across the EU. 

Participation in the survey is open to all individuals associated with energy certification, buildings sustainability, as well as building owners and suppliers. iEPB team encourages stakeholders from diverse sectors to share their perspectives and contribute to the advancement of EPB certifications. 

To participate in the survey, please visit this link.