Advancing Horizon 2020 projects and emerging LIFE initiatives for a joint conference

Events | 2024.05.14

The Next Generation Energy Performance conference will be held on 23 May in Brussels, at Mundo Madou, and online, all day long (9-17.30 CEST)

The NextGen Cluster Horizon 2020 projects feature crossCertEPC RECASTEUB SuperHub & iBRoad2EPC, and will also see the participation of new LIFE projects started in 2023, among which iEPB.

The rich agenda include multiple insights from each project, and a deep dive into their Key Exploitable Results. There will be interventions involving members of the EC and CINEA, as well as integrations from several experts in the field of energy certifications and procedures.

The event is timed to be also conveniently combined with other relevant activities in Brussels within the same week, including the tunES “Tuning EPC and SRI” event on 22 May.

The event is free upon registration: you can register here.

Find the agenda here and the official roll-up for the event here.