iEPB and other Sustainable Places: a conference on sustainability and urban designs

Events | 2024.07.11

iEPB will participate in the 12th annual edition of Sustainable Places (SP2024), Europe’s premier event for EU research collaboration and market opportunities. It is a hybrid even which will feature also in-person sessions in Luxembourg. taking place from September 23rd to 25th, 2024,

Sustainable Places is renowned for showcasing groundbreaking results from the EU Horizon 2020 and EU Horizon Europe Framework Programmes. It focuses on the sustainable design, construction, and retrofitting of buildings and urban environments. The conference addresses crucial sustainability targets and climate change objectives by encompassing the built environment at various scales, including buildings, districts, and urban areas, as well as transport and energy infrastructures.

Each year, Sustainable Places covers topics that shape our understanding of cities and the built environment, aligning with European Commission Societal Challenges and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This year’s themes include:

– Energy Communities, Smart Cities, and Urban Transition
– Renewable Energy Technologies
– Sustainable Construction & Renovation
– Decarbonization & Circularity
– Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
– Facilitating the Energy Transition: Policy, Finance, Training
– Sustainable Urban Renewal & Cultural Transformation
– Digital Twins, Smartness & AI for Sustainability
– Resilience and Energy Security

iEPB will participate to the event with two workshops: one featuring the SRI2 cluster on September 24th in the morning, and one featuring the Next Gen EPC 2 cluster on the same day in the afternoon.

You can find more information here and the full programme here.

Picture by Cedric Letsch-Unsplash