iEPB launches a comprehensive survey on energy certifications on buildings: understanding needs and constraints

Short news | 2024.02.01

iEPB is an EU LIFE project that seeks to increase the synchronization of multiple EPB assessments, thereby contributing to the ambitious goal of upgrading the energy performance of the EU’s building stock. The mission is to elevate energy efficiency standards across the EU, through the optimised practices, environmental awareness and performance assessments. By increasing assessment synchrony, the project aims to facilitate informed decision-making processes and foster sustainable building practices. 

The survey is designed for multiple groups of stakeholders, and for accommodating a broad spectrum of participants, including authorities, professionals, homeowners, and property owners. This inclusive approach reflects the project’s commitment to garner insights from diverse perspectives associated with energy certification.  

By doing so, iEPB aims to foster a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the EPB domain. The insights gathered from this survey will play an important role in shaping the strategies to enhance the energy performance of buildings across the EU. 

Participation in the survey is open to all individuals associated with energy certification, buildings sustainability, as well as building owners and suppliers. iEPB team encourages stakeholders from diverse sectors to share their perspectives and contribute to the advancement of EPB certifications. 

To participate in the survey, please visit this link.